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Include the relationship in parentheses after the name (sister, uncle, etc).Place of death: city, administrative region, sovereign state.

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The theme attribute is used to specify a custom CSS class for the infobox template.

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An infobox is a type of template that is usually at the top right of an article, and that contains the principal.Television programmes presented by or closely associated with the subject.

Unsourced or poorly sourced contentious material about living persons must be removed immediately from the article and its talk page, especially if potentially libellous.To use this infobox, copy the below to the top of the page describing the library.

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Notable relevant opponents (e.g. for major political office).It is usually not relevant to included either parameter for non-graduates, but article talk page consensus may conclude otherwise, as at Bill Gates.The pages listed in this category are meant to be infobox templates.

Please be certain to support these parameters with citations from reliable sources.

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Template:Infobox baseball biography (Transclusion count: 22,036).This is an infobox template used for heroes and other characters.Using the theme or theme-source attributes on the infobox tag will make it easy to target specific infobox templates using.Tauli yang miyalilan ining bulung anyang 01:19, 24 Agostu 2012.Education, e.g. degree, institution and graduation year, if relevant.This template is used on most pages to display quick high-level information on the subject.

This template is used on approximately 60,000 pages, so changes to it will be widely noticed.It will add a useful infobox (see below) and will automatically.

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If your template is meant to be used in-line, try and make sure that there are as few line feeds (breaks, whitespace, etc.) as possible.

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This is the talk page for discussing improvements to the Infobox template.

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This is the talk page for discussing improvements to the Infobox athlete redirect.

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This section describes how to use Template:Infobox anatomy effectively.

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This template makes it easy to create custom infoboxes for almost any situation.Should only be used if citizenship cannot be inferred from the birthplace.This template is used in conjuncture with the template for voice actors when listing.Pages with this template will automatically belong to Category:Craftable items.There are no required fields and some fields will not appear when others.To use this template in an article, copy the template below, then paste the template into an article.Place of birth: city, administrative region, sovereign state.

Significant monuments erected, buildings named, etc., in honour of the subject.For deceased persons still married at time of death, close the date range with death year.

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May be used instead of citizenship (below) or vice versa in cases where any confusion could result.

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Note: In general, it is not meant for use directly in an article, but.Should only be used if nationality cannot be inferred from the birthplace.

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The place where the person was raised and matured, if different from birth place and residence.

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Given a Wikipedia page like Wikipedia: Stack Overflow there are often Infoboxes (mostly on the right hand at the top of the page).

The category contains general wiki templates. General wiki templates Infobox templates More.This template shud be uised ti produce an Infobox for human settilments (ceities, touns, veilages, communities) as weil as ither admeinistrative destricts, coonties.Usage. Paste the code for the relevant office and then add the personal data to the bottom.If used, this should also include the year of the measurement.

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Can also be used to indicate groups, schools of thought, etc. (but beware supposition ).